Toyota Hybrid

I attended this year’s Green California Summit in Sacramento and was encouraged by the new technologies that are available in California’s effort to support a cleaner environment.  Anyone who has driven through the state has seen windmill farms in a number of mountain passes that churn out clean electricity.  Dams throughout the state regulate water, preventing floods, aiding in fish migration and generating hydro-electrical power as well as providing recreation areas for the swelling population of the state.  The latest trends in electrical generation are solar powered and methane gas converted from animal waste.  Recycling probably accounts for most of the displays at the convention with car tires being recycled into building materials, asphalt and floor mats.  Paper products are recycled into other paper products. High quality lighting that uses a fraction of the electricity required by lights currently in use plus hydrogenA hydrogen system and electric powered vehicles are already a reality.  I also saw two remarkable ‘clean diesel’ cars – one by Honda and one by BMW that take advantage of the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel.  One Toyota Hybrid boasted of getting 100 miles per gallon of gas. There was even a pocket sized tri-fold solar generator that can be used to recharge cell phone and computer batteries from the sun. 

tri-fold solar battery charger

I believe that Christians have a mandate to be good stewards of God’s earth and it just makes sense to keep improving on that stewardship.  Today we find ourselves beholden to countries whose dislike for America is well known and they hold us hostage to their decisions on what price to charge us for oil.  Not many like pulling into a gas station with prices starting at $4.25+ a gallon for gasoline.

While I believe that the evidence for human caused global warming has many flaws, the real point is that it’s encumbant on us to be more careful with our resources and cut waste. The surest way to accomplish this, like it or not is to hit the consumer in the pocket book.  Speaking from personal experience, it hurts.

We are witnessing a huge change between our past and future lifestyles. Hopefully we will be able to adapt without too much trauma.