Scientists and graphic artists are able, with today’s technology, to raise a three dimensional image from the Shroud of Turin to reveal precisely what the face of  the man in the Shroud looked like.   They’ve even been able to create a life size figure of the head and using a printer – scanner were able to match the appearance of the image exactly as it appears on the Shroud.  The mystery remains on exactly how the photographic image was formed except there was light that traveled through the body similar to the way the light moves in a photo copy machine.  Is the image of the man in the Shroud actually the Lord Jesus Christ?  That may not be proven to everyone’s satisfaction however I now believe it is (with no  doubt in my mind), the actual burial cloth that Jesus Christ was wrapped in. Further,  the image was imprinted on the cloth at the moment the resurrection took place.  Jesus Christ did indeed rise from the dead.