I have a Class A motor home and a 4X4 tow vehicle I pull behind it.  While at Tahoe, I thought I had a problem with the gas. The engine would start and idle but when going up a grade the RPM would slow to a stop.  I then thought it might be vapor lock.  So we left in the cool of the morning and going up the grade on Highway 50 out of Tahoe, the RPM slowed and the engine quit.  The problem is, at the point where the rig quit, there was a rock wall on the right and a sheer cliff on the left – and the road was two lanes wide.  I tried to get it started, but now it would not start. Traffic backed up behind us and soon, people started chancing going around us in the face of oncoming traffic. By now, the primary battery was nearly dead, so I switched to the house batteries.  I told my wife to start praying.  After a half dozen near collisions, in a panic, I remember saying, “somebody’s going to get killed and it’s my fault.”  Finally, in desperation I slapped my hand on the dashboard and shouted, “In the name of Jesus, START!”  I turned the key one more time and it immediately started up and ran perfectly. Hours later we reached the dealer in Yuba City, CA.  Being Monday, the end of a three day weekend I knew they would be closed, but coincidentally we arrived as the manager was there to do some work in their retail shop, and the gates were opened.  I pulled up to the normal drop off area and the engine quit before I could turn the key off.  My wife and I looked at each other. For grins, I tried and tried to re-start the engine, but no dice – not a ‘cough’ or ‘snort.’ We unhitched the 4×4 and drove the two hours to home, relieved at the days events.
I received a call that Tuesday from the service manager. We talked and he asked, “How did you get it here?  The mechanics can’t get it started.” I told him – ‘Prayer.’  A few days later I was called to come pick it up.  When I arrived, I spoke to one of the mechanics who worked on it. He explained that it wasn’t vapor lock, since the fuel pump on most vehicles these days is inside the gas tank. He explained that they dropped the tank, checked the fuel pump and it only was able to produce about 7 pounds of pressure, not nearly enough to push the fuel through the injectors so they replaced it.
Since then my wife and I have traveled thousands of trouble free miles.  Yet every time I sit down in the driver’s seat, I remember that day, on Highway 50, the screeching of tires and horns blaring – and a God who hears and answers prayers…and I pause to breathe a word of thanks to God for his mercy and saving grace that kept us safe, and moved us out of harm’s way.