There are a number of things happening now that have concerned many about this coming week.  Following this week, I’ll be glad to view this post in retrospect as hind sight is 20/20.   So what are these ‘things’ that are about to happen?

Remember all the hype about the comet Elenin?  Many of those who were skeptical of the Elenin – Niburu connecton certainly seem justified while many other’s are somewhat disappointed.  What next?  Well, believe it or not there is another heavenly body that hasn’t had the media attention of Elenin, and that is the asteroid, YU 55.  Unlike Elenin, which missed the earth by  21 million miles, the asteroid YU 55 will be closer, much closer.  So close that it will pass nearer to earth than the moon.  The track of the asteroid will bring it by the earth on November 8/9 -2011.  It is a pretty big one, over 1/4 mile in diameter according to astronomers yet we are assured that it will cruise harmlessly by the earth and moon.  However there is speculation at this point by conspiracy theorists that the general population isn’t being told the whole truth about it.  There are a number of coincidences that are also happening.  You remember earlier this year NASA warned its employees to be prepared for emergencies. Before this, FEMA ordered $1 billion in dehydrated food.  Apparently,  UNESCO is planning a Pacific Wide Tsunami Warning and Communication Exercise on November 9, 10.   In addition the US is going to conduct a “First-ever nationwide test of US emergency system.”  The test, which will start at 2:00pm ET and last approximately three minutes,  will resemble periodic monthly EAS tests — the ones with long tonal sounds and  a “this is a test” announcement — that most people are familiar with.”

Such a comprehensive test has never been done in the US before, and the FCC  said it is taking action now because it needs “to know that the system will work  as intended should public safety officials ever need to send an alert or warning  to a large region of the United States.

There are more “coincidences” like the construction of underground shelters in Denver…but who knows.   I’ll revisit this post later – maybe.